CBD Tincture Full Spectrum

9 Reviews


30 ML Bottle
300 Milligrams CBD (.03% THC)

Serving Size: 1 ML (1 dropper full)
About 30 servings per bottle




Our CBD (300mg) Tincture berry flavor drops are Full Spectrum and made with Cannabidiol (CBD) as the main ingredient. This effective dietary supplement also contains Vitamin E, and it has shown to reduce anxiety, stress, inflammation and chronic pain.

Reviews (9)

9 Reviews

  1. Roger Green

    Seems to work! My arthritis feels so much better. I can’t wait for the cream to come out so that I can have instant relief. I believe I joined your newsletter list.

  2. Ashley Torez

    True Study Buddy!!
    I have struggled with personal anxiety all through college. After using this product, I noticed I was able to manage my time so much more effectively. I went from studying 5 hours for an exam to 3 hours because I was able to focus and remain calm.

  3. Lisa Smith

    So Happy I have found CBd! I was taking adderall everyday to allow me to focus. I have now stopped dealing with pharmaceutical companies and started saving my body and wallet?

  4. Angelica Alcazar

    What a great supplement to add to my daily routine <3

  5. Bhavook Chitkara

    Good Product to use

  6. Scarlett K

    This product allows me to be a better mom in the afternoons.. I hate to say that, but this CBD helps me not be irritable after a long day of work.

  7. Shelby Long

    By the way. Your CBD oil is amazing. I bought a bottle previously from my doctors office and it did nothing for me. I feel like the little bit of THC really activates it. It legit has made me take less of my emergency anxiety meds, and I use it every day lol. So thank you and i’ll be ordering more soon & so are my parents!

  8. Justin

    Such a great product! My fiancé and I have used it everyday for the past two weeks, and it does wonders. Helps, anxiety, muscle pain, headach, even helping us focus. Will definitely continue using their products!

  9. Maria Guerrero

    Sleep has never been so good! I take my CBD oil right before I go to sleep & I always, always have the best sleep and wake up well rested. I also haven’t have an anxiety since I started taking it so that’s a huge plus

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